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Our Services — Window Cleaning

Goliath Property Services (GPS) professionally insured window cleaning team can handle any size or type of property. We’ll arrive with all the necessary equipment, including drop cloths and other materials to keep your property clean while we work. Best of all, our work is completely guaranteed. Join the over 40,000 customers across Canada and the usa who depend on GPS to care for their largest investment!

Quality work and experienced cleaners have helped us service over 5,000 customers a year. We approach every home or business with the desire to do the best job possible. We strive to assure that every customer has a pleasant experience by using our service, from the time you schedule your appointment till the last window is cleaned.

Our “Window Cleaning” service offers:

  • Inside & Outside Cleaning
  • Storm Windows Cleaned
  • Screens Cleaned
  • Sill & Frames Cleaned
  • Skylight & Mirror Cleaned
  • Gutter Cleaning Any Size Home
  • Professional Cleaners
  • All Equipment
  • All Labor
  • Workman’s Comp Insurance
  • Liability Insurance

We guarantee our work to your satisfaction, or you don’t pay. The technicians do everything by hand, and use joy soap and water to wash the windows.

  • Non-Abrasive
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Doesn’t’ Leave Streaks

Window Cleaning Price list

Number of of Windows Inside/Outside Outside Only
Each Window Counts as “1” each Regular With $20 Off Regular With $10 Off
1 thru 11 $130 $110 Buy Now $110 $100 Buy Now
12 thru 18 $180 $160 Buy Now $120 $110 Buy Now
19 thru 26 $220 $200 Buy Now $130 $120 Buy Now
27 thru 34 $290 $270 Buy Now $140 $130 Buy Now
35 thru 50 $320 $300 Buy Now $150 $140 Buy Now
51 thru 74 $400 $380 Buy Now $160 $150 Buy Now
75 thru 100 $430 $410 Buy Now $170 $160 Buy Now
101 thru 118 $460 $440 Buy Now $260 $250 Buy Now
119 thru 126 $490 $470 Buy Now $270 $260 Buy Now
127 thru 134 $520 $500 Buy Now $280 $270 Buy Now
135 thru 150 $550 $530 Buy Now $290 $280 Buy Now

Additional Services

Items Washed Regular Price
Window Sills FREE
Screens $1
Frames $2
Storm Windows $2
French Style $3
Scraping / Sticker Removal $3 – 5
Travel Charge $8
Skylights $10
Chandeliers $50 – 100

Exterior Window Cleaning

Our professional window cleaners always leave your windows shining and streak free. We carry all the tools and attachments to make sure no window is missed. Many of the homes we service have extensive landscaping and gardens. We are sure to take extra care to not trample on any of your planting.


Interior Window Cleaning

When inviting GPS into your home we realize how important it is to be courteous and cautious. Our professionals will never leave a mess behind. No drips….do damage…using extra care when moving your items away from the windows. See why our customers only trust GPS into their home to make sure the job is done right!

Storm Window Cleaning

Removing storm windows requires the experience that GPS has! Many older homes still have storm windows. Our crews can easily remove them clean both sides, clean the exterior of the inner window and then replace the storm window.

Screen Cleaning

A thorough job always means making sure nothing is missed. For exterior screens we always include them in the cleaning of exterior windows. Why clean a window and leave a dirty screen? The same goes for when we clean the interior of your windows. Screen cleaning and wiping the sills make the job we do for you that much better.


Cleaning of skylights takes the experience and care that GPS has! Skylight cleaning can be very dangerous to the inexperienced. They are usually positioned on the roof of your home that can make it very difficult to access. Our experienced crews are fully equipped with the best tools and safety equipment to make sure that your skylights are cleaned properly and safely.

Light Fixtures

Cleaning light fixtures has become part of the many services GPSoffers. Also, if our customer provides us with replacement bulbs we will be glad to change them for you. GPS has the ladders and equipment needed to provide full service to your property that others can’t offer.

Most of our customers book this service when they know we will be on their property providing window or eaves cleaning. This saves us an extra visit resulting in lower cost to you.

See why our customers only choose Sunnyside to make sure the job is done right! Contact Us Today

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